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So, it's time to sell....

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Whatever is motivating you to towards selling your home, maybe you need a change, or you’re moving for a job or some other personal life change, you need to think seriously about how you will present your home to your potential buyers.

It can be overwhelming so break your home into smaller more manageable pieces of the overall puzzle. If you are generally organized, or your family is small maybe this is an easier task for you. For a busy family with two working spouses and children running around undoing all the endless tidying you do then this will feel like a bigger animal.

BREAK IT DOWN - Start in the bedrooms. I like to start at the top and work my way down. In this case we start at the top of the house and work into the basement. This way things you aren’t sure what do to with will end up in the basement for a “final consideration”

BEDROOMS - Cut it back to the bare bones. DECLUTTER. Especially in children’s rooms where they like to tuck away all their special treasures. You have a move planned, that’s why you’ve ended up reading this, so pack the clutter and the little loved trinkets away. Get your children involved, ask them to put the “stuff” in perspective… do you love it? Or is it time for some other child to have a turn to love stuffy number 112. If you have the children on board for a move, excited for change, then they will be happy to participate. (I realize, some children just love every bit of every thing in their room, or so they think.) In that case, Mom and Dad need to be ready to override decisions. Take a photo of your child with that item they thing they will miss. A photo is a lot easier to save, cherish and look back on then a room full of "why do we have this" -- items! After all you need to try to make this as quick and painless as possible. Each room should not be a one month undertaking. Try to get rid of as much as you can and pack the rest. Keep the necessities.

BATHROOMS - clear out the vanity. Keep only what is necessary. Create space and buyers will think there is plenty of room for them and their family. Show off clutter and that buyer will think if there’s no room for your belongings then there is no room for theirs either.

KITCHEN - If you honestly look at your Kitchen and you barely fit what you have in there, things are tight and you have to fight with the drawers to close them - you know, that drawer with the mismatched Tupperware… then you need to consider packing 50% of what is there. Kitchens are a big deal when buying. Again, you need to showcase some empty spaces so a buyer thinks, “Wow! Look at all this extra space, we will fit here no problem.”

LIVING/DINING ROOMS - Clean and clutter free. If you have built ins or open shelving, get rid of 50% of what is in them. Same goes for storage closets and especially walk in closets. Consider seasonal items, pack them up, you won’t need them until you are in your new space anyway. Also consider decluttering your decor. Stick to some neutral tones with one accent colour, not several colours. Clean and simple is eye catching a pleasing to the eye.

BASEMENT - If it’s unfinished and things you don’t know what to do with have ended up here, pack them for the move. Or pack them for Goodwill. Do you love it or is it time for someone else to love it. It’s decision time, so make it simple on yourself. If you basement is a finished space, well, you’re an expert now. Pack what you are keeping but is not a current necessity, and off to goodwill (or your neighbour or sister or whomever) with the rest of what just doesn’t need to be apart of your home any longer.

Now, call your REALTOR ® and get that for sale sign up! Good luck to you wherever your move takes you!

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