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November 2018 Market

Planning a move, selling or buying? Keeping your eye on the Guelph Market? Here's how November did.

Coming into the winter market the average home in Guelph is selling for $485,000 with detached homes in the $565,000 range. Remember this is an average so many homes sell under this and many sell over this price, when averaged this is the approximate price of a detached Guelph home. Semis and towns are in the $428,000 range and the average condo apartment style is $314,500. Overall these prices are up just slightly (2%-7%) since this time last year and fairly balanced when compared to October 2018 prices. On average homes, all styles are selling in about 20 days. Our barometer remains in the 65% range indicating a Sellers market continues to prevail in our neighbourhoods.

For more information call, text or email Natasha Pedersen, Sales Representative - Home Group Realty Inc., Brokerage 519-760-6683

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