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August 2018 - How Did Guelph Real Estate Do?

Here are a few thoughts and words on how Guelph Real Estate did in August.

-The average home in Guelph costs $477,700

-The average Detached home in Guelph costs $552,500

-The average Townhome/Semi in Guelph costs $400,000 (both condo and freehold)

-The average Condo Apartment costs $322,500 (condo apartments)

-We are still very much a Sellers market. Year over year comparing pricing we see that detached homes are up about 5%, condo apartments are up just over 1% and Semis/Towns have seen a very small 2% reduction in selling prices. Equally selling prices from July to August seem relatively flat. Pricing seems, for the most part, to be holding pretty steady in the late Summer market and as we enter into the Fall.

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